History In Baking

The distinctly Parisian café-bakery of Délifrance was first introduced to Hong Kong in Admiralty in 1987. Since then we have expanded into a leading café-bakery retail chain in the territory, serving you fresh and delicious French food in prime locations across Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories.

Being the leading café-bakery retail chain in Hong Kong, Délifrance's success stems from our uncompromising commitment to quality and service. Délifrance insists on using only the freshest quality ingredients and original recipes to create authentic French tastes in a classic Parisian café setting. Freshly prepared right before your eyes, our food is truly French, truly irresistible.

As time passed by, the business strategy of Délifrance has evolved. Now, we base on 3 operating concepts to run our business, they are Kiosk, Café and Bistro.

Délifrance Kiosk

To meet with the fast pace of Hong Kong people, and provide them conveniently with a series of well-baked brioche, sandwiches and French pastries, since year 2000, we have been setting up kiosks at MTR stations and in 2005 we had set up two more kiosks at Kowloon Tong and Shatin KCRC stations. Delifrance Kiosk has various promotions for the different day parts. In the morning, there is the brioche and drink set which makes it easy for you to grab and go. During lunch, if you want something simple, just pick a French sandwich and a juice bottle. At night, if you want to enjoy good dessert, our cake and tart choices are plenty.

Délifrance Café

Délifrance Café offers self-service menu including classic French sandwiches, different kinds of pastries and the newly promoted hot meals and desserts. Besides, customers can taste our fine fresh brewed coffee. Since 1987, the Parisian tables and rattan chairs have become the symbol of Délifrance in the hearts of many. To make our customers more comfortable while dining, we intentionally tuned down the lighting to make the ambiance more suitable, we also refurbished our café by re-painting the wall and adding more sofa, which were parts of the grand image enhancement program.