Café & Bistro - Food

Seasonal Items
Our innovative chefs are constantly adding delicious substances to your festive celebration! From the French New Year delicacy Galette, themed cakes for Mother's Day, to variety of seasonal items such as turkey or other party food in Christmas, there are more to cheer about round the year!
Set Meals
We have a variety of set meals in the house to excite your palates through the day! Get a refreshing start with our Le Matin - Breakfast Selections mix-and-match for the perfect breakfast of the day, have a hearty feast with Le Classique Meals or take a break to enjoy our La Pause - Tea Time Treats - enjoy every moment, enjoy it at Délifrance!

Hot Meals
Warm up your stomach with our array of pasta, panini and pizza! Cooked to perfect, they are not going to disappoint!
Made with pure butter, our golden and flaky viennoiseries come in many different flavours, to name a few, they are Butter Croissant (Le croissant pur beurre), Chocolate Croissant (Le pain au chocolat), Sultana Croissant (Le pain aux raisins), to delight your stomach.
The art of sandwich-making is never taken lightly here at Délifrance. Our chefs insist on using only the freshest natural ingredients, you can choose not only the fillings, but also the bread to make your favourite à la carte sandwich -- our selection of munchy sandwiches is guaranteed to delight you!
Soup and Salad
Our soup selection includes mixed vegetables and seasonal specials, whereas our choices of salad include fresh fruit salad, green salad, etc. Each month there is a specialty soup on our menu as part of our Product of the Month offer.

Our tarts come in sweet and savoury varieties, and all are made with a flaky pure butter pastry base.

Treat your family well with our excellent Mixed Fruit Tart. They are available in family size and individual slice. Approach our staff for details today.

Our bread is made from 100% natural ingredients and according to a traditional French recipe. Our wide range of bread, freshly baked in our shops, represents the very essence of Délifrance. Whether it's the crunchy baguette, wholemeal loaf, or hard roll, our bread is a delightful accompaniment to your every meal.

Origin of Bread
According to ancient legend, the first loaf of bread was baked accidentally by an Egyptian slave in about 2600 BC. The slave was making traditional flour and water wafers, but fell asleep and didn't notice that the fire had gone out before his thin, hard little cakes were baked. The dough rose overnight and in the morning the slave was delighted to discover that he'd made a much tastier meal than he'd meant to. Bread became so popular amongst the ancient Egyptians that they used to bury bread with their departed loved ones, to sustain them on their long journey to the afterlife.

French Baguette
The baguette has come to be something of a symbol for France. Enjoyed throughout the country with butter, jam, any one of the French 365 varieties of cheese and a nice glass of vin rouge, anyone who's sampled an authentic French baguette will be well on the way to understanding the nation's obsession.

Though it has captured the imagination of the nation, the baguette is certainly not the only variety of bread available in France. Even before the days of baguette, bread had a part to play in the country's national identity and history. Few history scholars will be unaware of the infamous words of Marie Antoinette who, having been told that the peasants were starving because they had no bread, proclaimed 'Let them eat cake!' Her ill-advised attitude has regarded as one of the factors which precipitated the French Revolution.

The first production of a croissant dated back in 1683, when Austria was under siege by the Turkish Empire. The Turkish assailant tried to enter Vienna by digging an underground tunnel, the Vienna bakers working underground heard noises and called the army. The Turks were discovered and retreated. To commemorate the event, the bakers made bread in the shape of a crescent moon (the symbol of the Turkish flag) and the first croissant was born. However, it was only one hundred years later that Marie Antoinette introduced the croissant to the French Aristocrats.

Puff Pastries
Sweet or savoury (salty) depending on their flavoursome fillings, all our puff pastries have a light and flaky crust. As such, they are perfect starters and can be eaten with a salad or as a snack. Our filling choices include: tuna and mushroom, cheese, curry beef, curry chicken, etc., all are prepared to tickle your tastebuds.

Cakes and Cookies
Treat your sweet tooth with Délifrance's full-body cheesecakes, fresh fruit cakes and special cakes. Our "Cake of the Month" is a must-try for every dessert connoisseur.